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Sunday, July 31, 2011

On Tour In September!

I've always wanted to say that..."I'm on tour." It kind of makes me feel a bit like The Stones. Well, not quite. But I am really excited to begin a virtual book tour with My tour officially kicks off September 1, but you can find my novel, Fresh Heir, featured on the site now.

Fresh Heir is literary fiction that combines a bit of satire with serious commentary on the challenges of parenting in modern society. More specifically, the story has to do with a trend toward outright lunacy among many parents as they strive to "get" their kids to succeed in a competitive world.

I have been writing since I was a teenager. It mostly started out as journals and short-stories. Occasionally I wrote some poems...very lame ones, I suppose. My writing veered into the world of journalism for several years, and then I took on the task of writing novels. My first one was a young adult novel. I also wrote a book that fell under the genre of historical fiction. Neither of these efforts resulted in publication.

I decided to write Fresh Heir after taking a cross-country trip with my children in a car. Indeed, any parent can relate to the agony of riding in a car with kids for more than five minutes. How about  for three weeks! I used the theme of a journey as the foundation for a topic that has become one of increasing interest of late: the compulsion that parents display in their efforts to ensure their kids' success.

Fresh Heir is intended to be a quick read, mostly because as a parent I know how little time we all have. Hopefully it will make you laugh along the way...and think a little. You can read excerpts on my website at I look forward to feedback.